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My Girl (1991) Movie Review
I review the highly lackluster movie My Girl, which somehow spawned a not-as-bad-but-still-bad 1994 sequel named My Girl 2.
Welp, 2016 will be donezo in just a few days, so let's take a look back at the cartoons that premiered this year.

NOTE: I'm not including PPG because it's the same show that was revived. It's truly awful now, here's links to my season 5 reviews (the first "Reboot" season)

PART 1:  Powerpuff Girls Season 5 Review (Part 1)NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE ENTIRE SEASON. 
After the show was *THOUGHT TO BE* finally put out of it's misery in the winter of 2005 after a really bad 4th season, ten years later, the series is revived for a second run. After the atrocity that is Season 4, I was very worried to see how the first revival season would turn out. After all, in Season 4 the girls and villains were flanderized pretty badly, the plots were becoming tired, the crew stopped caring, and old elements were being brought back to TRY to stay true to what made Seasons 1-3 so great, but failed miserably to do so. We'll have to see how this first revival season, i.e. Season Five, will turn let's begin!
AIRED: MAR 15, 2016
EPISODE IN SEASON: Season 5, Episode 1

Plot: Buttercup develops a whole new attitude after being called princess.
Pros: Blossom consoling Buttercup, Bubbles' new voice
Cons: Unlikable Buttercup, Manboy, "M

PART 2:  Powerpuff Girls Season 5 Review (Part 2)I have to make a second part of this because part 1 reached the maximum KB. Anyways, let's begin with the second half of Season 5, the first "reboot" season.
AIRED: Nov 28, 2016
Episode: Season 5, Episode 18
Plot: Buttercup joins a rock band.
Pros: The concept
Cons: Boring, HIM's unnecessary appearance, Buttercup's fingers, the fight scene, the ending
The concept of Buttercup joining a rock band is a clever story that shows promise and potential. But did this episode execute that story well? Nope. It didn't execute it well at all. This episode was a complete waste of my time. HIM had no reason to be here at all and the episode drags on forever. I was expecting a plot like Buttercup sees a wicked rad rock band on TV and decides to join the band and Blossom and Bubbles have to try to get her back. That would've made for a great episode, but they didn't do that here. All they did was shoehorn a villain into an

Anyways, let's begin.

First, there's Bordertown. Absolutely fucking terrible. Disgusting animation and art style, annoying characters, horrible voice acting, just a fucking trainwreck. 0/10

Next up is The Loud House. Ugh, FINALLY a decent and watchable 2010's cartoon. Not to say it's great per se, because it has some downsides, but overall tolerable. Not exactly what I'd personally call good, but it's definitely far from bad. 6/10

Now, we have Peanuts. Just a kind of lame waste of my time. No offense to Charlie Brown fans though. 3/10

And then there's Milo's Murphy Law. I haven't seen much of it so I can't really say for now, so this rating is not final. Doesn't look awful though. From what I saw, 5/10.

The last cartoon to premiere this year is Mighty Magiswords. Yeah, it really sucks. Just another lame flash show based off a stupid CN app short. 1.5/10.

Overall, slightly better than 2014 and 2015, but still a pretty bad year for cartoons. Only five cartoons premiered, and two of them were towards the end of the year. That's kind of saying something when only 5 cartoons premiere in the span of a year and only 3 of them were in the main portion of the year. Two of them are at least not bad, but they're not really that good either. So 2016 for cartoons is yet another clunker. We can only hope 2017 will be an improvement but that's kind of repeating what I said last year......

2015 Cartoons ScorecardAs 2015 ends, it's time to review the cartoons that were released this year.
First up is Harvey Beaks. This cartoon I really didn't like at first, but as I watched more episodes, I guess it's not that bad. I'd give it a 5/10 for effort and some of the storylines are amusing.
Then, we have Star v.s. The Forces of Evil, which it's art style is like a mixture between anime and Wander over Yonder. I've never seen a full episode of this, but from what I saw, it was just okay, nothing special. From what I saw, I'd give it a 5/10.
Then we have AAAAAALVIN and the Chimpmunks. To be honest, I LOATHE this show. The CGI-animation is worse than The Groovenians (something that came out 12 years before this did), and the characters are annoying mixed in with the many internet references per episode. 1/10

Next up is Pig Goat Banana Cricket, ANOTHER show I hate with a freaking BURNING passion. The animation in this show is absolutely HORRIBL



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